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Fernanda Bernardi

I’m Fernanda, 3D fashion designer and specialist in fashion digitalisation.

I hold a master degree in Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the London College of Fashion. My research project has been entirely dedicated to fashion’s digital transformation and how 3D technologies redefine the workflow of fashion designers and pattern makers. I have explored end-to-end digital solutions for fashion from 3D sampling to sales and on-demand manufacturing. I have also delved into virtual fashion not only as a trend but also as a remarkable fast-growing new market, with a huge potential to integrate and generate synergy with other sectors such as gaming & entertainment, and technologies such as AR & VR.

Fernanda Bernardi

Previously, I co-founded a loungewear 

brand called Moons of Saturn.


My first experience as an entrepreneur was designing tailored-made clothing. I hand-dyed fabrics with coffee, drew special embroideries and made lace decoupage. 


Fernanda Bernardi

I've also developed special projects for other brands. One, in particular, was a menswear line for OFICINA ITSU

In the Fashion Industry, I've designed for the evening womenswear line at ESPAÇO FASHION, a Brazilian brand based in Rio de Janeiro. 

I started my career as an assistant in REDLEY. A while after, I was responsible for the fashion show's atelier and started designing for different clothing lines such as women's handbags, men´s tops and imports, having the opportunity to work with factories in China.

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